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If you're looking to increase guest loyalty and word-of-mouth, you need a well-trained staff that knows the value of going above and beyond to make every guest feel special. There are communication and service techniques  that can help ensure your staff members are making memorable impressions on guests.

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The quality of your beverage menu and price points communicate  your brand identity and who you intend to cater to. We offer consultation on cocktail/bar menu offerings, cost analysis, and staff technique training from certified beverage specialists and mixologists. 

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Wine training is one of the best ways to increase server check averages and enhance revenue. We teach your staff the value of knowing the story and ways to help them successfully sell  to your guests. 

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Creation of simple and effective Standard Operating Procedures allows the entire staff to be on the same page about management expectations. They are one of the best communication tools  to have in place to promote consistency in service and  daily restaurant procedures.

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